Waiting for my SUPERMAN .

to come and spin my world around

11 February
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Fall in Love{ again&again }Carefree. Extroverted. Loud. Firm Believer of God. Wild. Opinionated. Crazy. Weirdo. Bitch. Conceited. Dumb. Narcissist.


Yelli ; Yeah-lee
A writer by blood, Digital Artist by mind and a Procrastinator by heart.
Cassie since 2003. Elf since 2007. Sone since 2009. Say A since 2010.

Interests, I'm a writer, that means i write stuffs, if it wasn't that obvious yet. A frustrated singer and dancer. A trying-hard digital artist. I love Kpop, Anime and Manga. I love Harry Potter, by heart. I'm an ELF and Super Junior is my main bias.

Music, Mainly kpop, but i love American bands too. I don't go over mainstream songs. Can listen to rock and pop songs. Slightly mellows and love songs. Never Jazz and Reggae.

Contacts, Just drop a comment if you wish to ask more about me. I would gladly answer it, see? I don't really bite. :D

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